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Ship it!: A story of continuous delivery & front-end ops at theguardian.com

Patrick Hamann Senior Client-Side Engineer, The Guardian

Patrick shared how The Guardian overhauled their systems to enable rapid deployment, and how you can too.

Patrick is a senior client-side engineer at the Guardian in London, where - amongst other things - he is helping to engineer the next generation of their web platform. When not speaking or ranting about performance or CSS architecture on twitter he enjoys spending his spare time discovering new food and craft beer.

Embracing Uncertainty with BDD and Cynefin

Liz Keogh Lean and Agile Consultant

Liz's invaluable experience in Behaviour Driven Development was brought to you, teaching you how to use and scale BDD from the initial project vision right to the code.

Liz is an experienced Lean and Agile consultant and well-known international speaker. With a strong technical background, her work covers a wide variety of topics. She is best known for her involvement in the BDD community, and was presented with the Gordon Pask award in 2010.

Paul Davis's photo

Working at Ghost Foundation

Paul Davis Front-End Architect, The Ghost Foundation

Paul shared what it's like working for a remote company (communication, working hours) and keeping the core principles of building a totally focused open source design-led product.

Beyond beer, driving, Twitter and getting too little sleep, Paul works on Ghost, the blogging platform that found tremendous success on on Kickstarter last year.

10 things learnt from 2 years on GOV.UK

Tom Byers Front-End Lead, Government Digital Service

Tom talked about the top 10 things he's learnt from working on a website that changes every day, is constantly growing and has to work for everyone in the UK.

Tom works for the Government Digital Service as Front-end lead, part of the team transforming the future of the UK government on the web.

Bridging the gap between developers and designers with Sass at theguardian.com

Kaelig Client-Side Developer, The Guardian

Kaelig demonstrated how to bridge the gap between designers and developers with vocabulary and CSS pre-processors.

Kaelig is front-end developer at the Guardian, working on the new responsive website. He previously worked at BBC News on their responsive website. In 2012, he wrote a book entitled "CSS maintenables", on the subject of code maintainability and front-end best practices.

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Harnessing the power of Panic Driven Development

Phil Bennett Web Team Lead, Carswell Gould

Phil threw out everything you know and harnessed your zen state of panic.

In 15 years of very varied experience in the web industry, Phil has learned that the technology should always come second to identifying the actual problem you’re trying to solve.

iOS for Web Developers

Ben Howdle Freelance Software Developer

Ben showed you how we can bring down the barrier to entry for iOS and learn iOS as web developers.

A freelance developer, working with Node.js, JavaScript and the whole front-end stack. Recently more and more excited by iOS and the new opportunities it brings.

Things I Believe Now That I'm Old

Ross Tuck Freelance Engineer and Consultant

Ross shared the most helpful, humiliating and hilarious advice that's been thrown his way and how it shaped his career. He showed why giving and receiving advice is important, how to handle it gracefully and why it can be so powerful.

A freelance engineer and consultant, originally from the US and now living in the Netherlands. Specializes in building web apps, primarily with PHP and Javascript.